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According to the new Italian appliances of the street code, it is necessary to regulate and control the circulation of vehicles transporting goods (danger or exceptional ones) with a mass of over 7,5 tons outside the inner city for safety reasons....

Iso 9001 Certification

Insped Srl is proud of announcing his quality certification ISO 9001. You can see and download it together with the other brochures in PDF....

You can join the goal with every mean.

More than a philosophic current is a promise.

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In our two Milan and Vicenza warehouses your goods are our under surveillance 24 hours a day.


Modern warehouses with a sophisticated system of surveillance 24 hours a day for all the year as to answer to the client needs of safe keeping and quick market placement of the goods.


Dedicated express services

Insped offers express services from/to Italy and Europe as to satisfy every requests of exclusive transport all over Italy and Europe in short times and with dedicated vehicles, even for a little or partial quantity of goods.

Insurance services

Clients can customize according to their needs the insurance policy with a total or partial coverage against all the risks related to the goods transport thanks to his partnership with the most famous insurance companies; we offer all risks coverage, door to door for every destinations (in case of damage the client does not have to manage the legal dossier as it is a task of the insurance company).

Customs services

Insped will manage all the tasks related with import and export customs, together with the Intrastat declaration.


Modern technologies at the client’s disposal to ensure the delivery of every kind of goods even for the choosier demand in Italy and abroad.

  • bar code system
  • packing
  • picking
  • warehouse management FIFO or LIFO according to the client’s needs
  • rders management



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